A bathroom renovation can never be complete without fitting a cabinet. More than just a storage space, a cabinet has to add to the attractiveness of the bathroom. So finding the right cabinet is essential and has to be undertaken after consultation with your designers for it would be depressing to get one fitted which might not appeal.

A casual glance at any catalog (apropos cabinet bible) can show the vastness of the range of bathroom cabinets and bathroom sinks that are available. Shape and size are not the only classifiers but the work on its sides, the material, the variation and shades of colors on its body as well the knobs and most important of all the cost should help make a purchase decision.

When deciding to buy a bathroom suite, the requirement for a cabinet must be clearly understood. Should the cabinet just hold small items like medicines, toothbrushes, and creams or should it be bigger to house linen, curtains and other kinds of stores? The size of the cabinet chosen should not be too big as it leaves no place for walking around even when closed.

Choose your style. There are mainly two styles available. One is the European which does not have a frame on its face and looks like it´s a part of the wall. European styled cabinets have a contemporary look. Most often they have a silver glossy finish. The American style bathroom cabinets are more traditional in their appearance. Their body has a frame and these cabinets come with a woody finish. It is not unusual though, to find cabinets with a mixture of styles. A Cloakroom Suite might be a good option to consider.

Knobs are very important in helping your cabinets fit in with the theme of the bathroom. Cabinet knobs earn the first glance and hence they should be attractive. Myriad shapes can be eye-catchers if the theme of the bathroom is highly ornate with elaborate designs but they would not go well with subdued themes. A more formal one like a simple square or spherical draws might suit such simple themes. Since most people would have got accustomed to their old knobs, they prefer to have them installed on the new cabinets.

The placement of the cabinets should be done for easy access and comfort usage. They should be of the right height and type for you to not strain yourself while using them. A free-standing cabinet or a wall mounted cabinet can suit you if bending causes pain.
What to avoid when choosing bathroom suites

Choosing a suite which does not match with the style of your home.

Choosing a bathroom suite which of size which cannot best fit into your bathroom.

Buying a bathroom suite without considering the quality of the material which has been used in designing it..

Buying a suite which is of the material, style and design which cannot match to the design of your bathroom.

Buying a bathroom suite which considering if you can afford it without draining you pockets.